Project Princess in conjunction with The Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort are joining forces
to make less privileged matriculants' matric farewell dreams come true. Many deserving
matric girls do not attend their farewells, just because they don’t have the financial
means to dress up for the occasion. We appeal to you to donate evening outfits /
wedding dresses / ball gowns, matric farewell outfits that don't fit any more to this worthy
cause. Purses, wraps and costume jewelry will also be appreciated.

All items can be dropped off with Georgie Colling on the day (083 2670913
or email:
On that note, there are so many girls who don’t have basic necessities when it comes to
being a young lady, so please bring along a gift bag for a girl who will receive it just in
time for Christmas! In trying to keep consistency, there is a recommended list below
– just to ensure that all the girls get a similar gift.

What should be in the Glam Girl Gift bag:

• Toiletry bag
• Large body cream (i.e. Dove, Johnson’s)
• Toothbrush
• Large toothpaste
• Pack of sanitary pads
• Body spray deodorant
• Facecloth
• Pack of 3 panties (medium or large)
• Small girlie gift (like manicure set, nail polish kit, lipstick set, etc)
• Package it in a glam gift bag with a lovely message