04 February to 21 March 2013
02 April to 21 June 2013
08 July to 13 December 2013
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Welcome to Guvon Academy

In our endeavors to become a renowned academy in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, we are committed to student success and excellence by enhancing education through work integrated learning and will continue empowering learners to enrich the social, cultural, and economic vitality within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Our Mission

The mission of Guvon Academy is to provide quality, professional and effective educational opportunities that emphasize skills and knowledge and also supports the educational and lifelong learning needs of a multicultural community. The Academy is committed to excellence in helping students reach their full potential by developing their tourism and hospitality skills, academic competencies, critical thinking skills, communication and assisting them in clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals.


Guvon Academy offers a wide variety
of accredited training programmes.
National Certificate Programmes
Skills Programmes Workshop
Programmes and Human Resources

On successful completion of your
one year programme you will receive
a South African National Certificate
and a Certificate of Practical