Dear Freinds

I haven't come across many people lately who are not feeling intensely pressurized by the demands of everyday life. At this
time of year we all seem to be pushing, sprinting, stumbling or panting our way to some perceived finishing line beyond which
we hope lie sandy beaches and piña coladas.

When I feel myself getting caught up in the race, I choose to sit on the grass, take a breath and bury my nose in a Woodlands
rose  relishing in its exquisite and sensual scent. Woodlands is well known for Mary's love project rose garden and this year
it has absolutely exploded in a riot of intense colour and giddy perfumed scents. Marisa has an interesting observation - the
roses seem to respond more to intense weather patterns we've been experiencing, hailstorms and all.

In so many ways- we are just like the roses - it’s often during the most intense and pressurized times that we perform the best,
produce great work and deliver at high levels. However, this can only be sustained if we tend the soil, pull out the weeds and
manage the pests - nature; our bodymind takes care of the rest.

How are you tending to your inner garden right now? Are you feeding it everything it needs so that you can flourish
with all the pressure? Do you need to do some weeding, or adding some fertilizer? What would best support your garden right now?

This doesn't have to be a time consuming or difficult process, sometimes it simply requires practicing using different words
( thank you Linda) breathing more deeply and openly ( thank you Dan ) and choosing
joy ( thank you existence)

May all your gardens flourish with intensity and nurturing.

Dr Ela and Marisa



It's also that time of the year when many of us are
thinking about and planning for the holidays.Think about planning some quiet reflective or nurturing time this holiday - to create the space and opportunity or yourself to reflect back on your year- to look at what worked, what didn't work, what you would like to carry through to the next year and what you desire to manifest for yourself in the year ahead.

We would love to support you in this process.
Whether it’s for a healing treatment, massage or retreat, we can design a process that can support you on every level, to be the best you can be.


We have loved having our friend Linda Heller with
us for the last month. Linda is from Santa Barbara,
California. She was part of our breathworker training
course with Dan Brulé. Linda herself is a skilled
breathworker who's passion lies in the use of
languaging to facilitate and create a more conscious
life and relationships.
She shares her experience of being at Woodlands
with us.....



Woodlands has a thriving yoga community and we
love to introduce yoga to beginners, so join our
community or pop in for a once off class or build a day retreat and include yoga in your experience!
Monday & Wednesday at 9am is a beautiful eclectic
hatha class with Geraldine!

This month we introduce Pilates on a Friday at 9:00amAnd Saturday is a great combination of practice and meditation with James.

To read more about our teacher James click here...



We have just completed the second leg of training with
our first set of trainee breathwork practitioners with
Breathwork Master Dan Brulé.
Once again were given the opportunity to immerse
ourselves in the breath and integrate our skills.

Just a reminder that we run a public breathwork
workshop on the last Saturday of every month from
2.30- 4.30pm This is a wonderful opportunity to
experience the power of the breath so that can
integrate it into your daily life to deal with everyday life,
health issue and enhance sports performance, and
deepen your spirituality.

Our next workshop will be held on
Saturday 15th December.
Cost R 200
To book e mail