Classic Skin Treatments - 60 minutes
Babor R490
Vita Balance – to instantly quench the skin's thirst, restore elasticity & suppleness. Ideal for dry skin types
Perfect Combination – balances the skin, reduces excess oil, thoroughly moisturizes and refine the pores. Ideal for combination
skin types
Calming Sensitive – fights aggressive environmental influences, reduces redness & tingling, boosts natural defences & calms the
skin. Ideal for sensitive and extreme dehydrated skin types
Advanced Biogen – ideal for tired, jaded & dull skin. Stimulates regeneration, restores vitality and improve skin texture and tone. Ideal for ageing, sun-damaged and mature skin types
Energy Release for Men – a deep cleansing, intense moisturising facial that restores the natural balances of the skin
Esse -Organic R450
Hydrating\Anti-ageing – a treatment formulated for ageing skins in need of hydration
Gentle – a treatment specifically designed to soothe & calm
Detox – suitable for all skin types in dire need of deep cleansing
Balancing – designed for combination skin types that needs balancing
Advanced Skin Treatments - 90 minutes
Babor R650
Moisture Intense – saturates the skin with moisture and plump it up. Mature, ageing skins that requires hydration
Complex C – fight anti-oxidants and boost your radiance for a younger looking skin. Sun-damaged, ageing, pigmented skin types will benefit from this facial
Enhance your Skin Treatment - 20 minutes
Babor Sensational Eyes – combating puffiness, dark circles & lines around the eye area R200
I-slices Eye Treatment – a refreshing eye treatment to revive and refine the eye area R150




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