After a year planning my daughter’s wedding while she was in London it all eventually happened on the 10th January. I cannot tell you how delighted my husband and I were with the absolutely amazing service we received from your staff. As there were approximately 28 Australians and a couple of Kiwis and Pommies coming over to attend the wedding you can imagine what a mammoth task it was arranging all the accommodation etc, besides trying to ensure that the wedding went off without a hitch. I know I made tons of calls to your staff with various queries and I always received efficient and friendly help.
Konika was great with all the accommodation bookings, changes, extra people etc. She was always most helpful and extremely pleasant and efficient.
I can't find the words to tell you how amazing Lee- Anne was. Always a smile in her voice and super efficient, reminding me of little things I may have overlooked. When chatting to her a few days before the wedding she asked what we were doing about dinner on the Saturday evening. She knew we had all these visitors staying over and I told her we were having a braai at our chalet for 48 people and that I had arranged to borrow a big braai from Glenburn. Well she didn't comment but phoned me the next day to offer us the River Lapa, tables, chairs, cloths, a big braai, charcoal and staff to clean up. Well what a pleasure that was - I don't know how we would have managed otherwise.
Your reception staff were amazing too, I did help them check all the guests in, however it all went off without a hitch.

The wedding itself was an absolute success, thanks again to your efficient staff.
All the guests, overseas as well as local commented on the amazing venue. We had an absolutely fantastic time!!!
After that twenty five of us all went on honeymoon with Kerri and Jon and had an awesome week. It was quite an experience seeing our country though so many strangers’ eyes, they all love it!
Thanks again, it was fantastic!!!
Gill Dawson